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Quotes I thought the FS GT3b was a good radio for the money. Then I read about OverkillRC's hack for the radio. Well I was just a little intimidated but I figured what the heck. The complete hack kit/programmer, VR, & steering bearing was a breeze to install thanks to all the info provided right here. I now have a radio that rivals the big name brands with even more features for less than $75. It gets no better than that. I just have to say a big THANK YOU!! for providing a great kit, customer service and fast shipping. Quotes
OverkillRC best GT3B hack ever!!

Quotes WOW..installed a Firmware Hack Kit in my GT3C and it was easy as can be. I'm not an electronics repair guy but after working with Overkillrc's kit I feel I can tackle more projects. New firmware made me enjoy my controller alot more. Only trouble is - it has sooooo many variables that can be changed. Great product and firmware. Quotes
Stan Rusin

Quotes I received my GT3B today and it`s awesome! Great work, feels like a $300 radio! Navigated around the menus and the possibilities are mind boggling. Thanks for your efforts in making such a cool product available to all. Regards, Quotes
Olivier D.
Mog Driver

Quotes I have 2 GT3Bs and love them! the firmware hack kit is a must and makes the GT3B the best value out of all my RC gear. I am constantly showing off the capabilities to my friends with Futaba,spektrum & other radios and they are jealous i can do so much more for less than 1/4 the price AFTER the hack kit! the hack is easy though LosiKid offers great customer support. Up to 8 usable channels, custom button mapping,advanced mixing & more how could you not get this? Quotes
best value of all my RC gear

Quotes Edit: Here is the translated text------> I purchased the kit to reprogram these stations, and fit and test the latest version of firmware for 3, 6 and 8 channels (0.4.1). I've reprogrammed about 10 of these stations, and not a single problem, everything is always perfect. I recommend this product completely.--------> Original Testimonial--------> He adquirido el Kit para reprogramar estas emisoras, y e instalado y probado la ultima version de los firmwares de 3, 6 y 8 canales(0.4.1). Ya he reprogramado unas 10 de estas emisoras, y ni un solo problema, todo perfecto siempre. Recomiendo este producto totalmente. Quotes
Carlos AO - Crawlectronics

Quotes I own 3 radios.The M11,a Dx3s and a FlySky GT3B. Thanks to Losikid my $30 GT3B is my favorite. I did the research. I was going to build my own hack kit. My only fear was, where would I find support if didn't understand something? Then I found Losikid. His products for the GT3B flat out work. He's done all leg work so you don't have to. The big plus is he will walk though anything and everything you need help with. I can keep going on,but the bottom line is, If you're looking to hack or mod a GT3B. This is the place! Quotes
Erik Blankenbiller
OverkillRC the BEST!!!

Quotes Love the hack kit; it opens up all kinds of possibilities. I'm running a Super mixing dual ESCs and running rear steer on the 6ch hack as well as an AX10 with a dig. Love it! Quotes
John-e Bravada


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