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Notice to all OverkillRC customers

Currently Overkillrc is operated by one person. My current schedule only allows 2-3 hours a night to build/fill orders, answer emails, etc. 


90% of the time i will have a product shipped before stated lead time, so please don't email me asking for status of your order till after the lead time has passed. Please keep in mind that i do hand assemble the wAs adapters, and modify the gt3b's myself. Currently wantAsummit adapters are the longest lead, it states 1-2 weeks, however 3 weeks has been average lately, these take about 60-90 minutes to build, program, test, and package. The pre-hacked gt3bs take me about 30-60 minutes to modify, program, calibrate, and test. Currently lead is 1.5-2 weeks. Hack kits and leds usually ship within a day or two. 


I will answer emails within a day, please do not email me, Private message me via forums, ask in public forums, and use the contact us form to ask me a question. Only one of the options is needed, if for some reason you are not getting replies from me, please make sure your spam filter allows messages from losikid@overkillrc.com and losikid@gmail.com ... i prefer the question to be asked in the public forums, so my answer will help others as well. 


If you are in need of a product quickly, please send me an email to let me know, i'll try my best to get it to you by the time you need it


Thanks for reading this,

Austin Hutchison 



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